10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses


Want your business to grow? You need email marketing software that is easy to use, cheap, and effective—a tool that will nurture leads and turn subscribers into customers. With more than 450 options to choose from, it can be hard to find the best software for marketing your business through email. And modern best email marketing tools do much more than blast out emails to your audience. Before settling on an email marketing platform, you should carefully study and assess its various features and possibilities.

The most excellent email marketing solutions, tailored to the needs of small businesses, are outlined here.

1. Mailchimp:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

MailChimp is widely recognized as a leading email marketing platform for enterprises of all sizes. This well-established platform has added new features, making it a complete service. One of the best features of these startups is their tiered pricing structure, which allows you to start for free before upgrading to fundamentals (A/B testing, customer branding, and enhanced support) and then standard (automation series, retargeting, and so on) (multivariate testing, advanced automation, phone support). They have a strategy for you regardless of your company’s needs or where it is currently located.

2. Sendinblue:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

Sendinblue is a marketing platform specializing in emails and SMS messages. You don’t need experience or expertise to launch a successful marketing campaign. Dependable delivery can send transactional messages in response to customer interactions. Sendinblue stands out among other best email marketing tools for small businesses due to its pricing structure, which depends on the volume of emails sent rather than a flat monthly fee. Credits for sending text messages can be bought independently and never expire.

3. AWeber:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

If you’re looking to build your business and expand your customer base, AWeber’s suite of lead generation solutions is among the best in the industry. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can build an email newsletter, set up automated email sequences, and make signup forms optimized for mobile devices. The most remarkable aspect of AWeber is how easily it integrates with other platforms, such as WordPress, landing page builders, and opt-in form creators. Beginning with Aweber is quick and easy. To start your free 30-day trial of AWeber, visit their website. 

4. Flodesk

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, Flodesk is the email marketing software you need because it makes it simple to create professional-looking emails. Its built-in layout editor makes it possible to create unique visuals without turning to third-party programs like Canva. The tool may help you build your list quickly with signup forms and other process automation features. It’s easy to get started with this program, and many different types of templates are available. 

5. ConvertKit:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

ConverKit was designed with bloggers, podcasters, and video creators in mind. It allows you to create aesthetically pleasing forms and send targeted emails to your subscribers. You can utilize their visual automation builder, for instance, to construct powerful automated email funnels that aid in leading a visitor down a path of increasing value. To test the service without risking any money, you may join a free 14-day trial. Email automation takes care of tasks that you have to do over and over again. It can help customers learn more about your brand, encourage them to keep coming back or remind them why they bought from you in the first place.

6. SendPluse:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

SendPluse, a relatively new business, has swept the email marketing sector with its cutting-edge features and low prices. It’s a fantastic option for newcomers and seasoned ESP industry pros due to its comprehensive capabilities and user-friendly interface. Easily incorporate all three into your communication strategy with the help of SendPluse. That’s an exclusive feature of our email marketing software.

7. eSputnik:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

eSputnik, a marketing automation agency established in Ukraine, has served as an IT consultant for a wide variety of well-known brands, helping them successfully implement email and SMS campaigns. Later, the firm combined its expertise in software engineering and e-commerce to develop a powerful yet simple email marketing platform that can be used by any business with a focus on the customer. This is an excellent choice among the top email marketing programs available for local businesses. Easy and rapid multi-channel campaign setup for email, SMS, web push, and messengers are provided. In the email editor, you can customize your emails according to your branding, and your needs. With this feature, you don’t need to write any code.

8. GetResponse

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

With GetResponse, you can create stunning emails and effective signup forms to grow your email list. Its sleek and intuitive interface makes setting up an email newsletter campaign a breeze. GetResponse comes standard with a plethora of additional internet marketing tools in addition to its core email marketing functionality. It helps expand your company. Webinars can be created and hosted on your site, and attractive landing pages can be designed to convert site visitors into buyers. 

9. MailerLite:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

MailerLite is an excellent option if you need to grow an email list on a small budget. Until you achieve 1000 subscribers, you can use this program at no cost to expand your email list. Landing pages, pop-ups, and a simple form builder are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies to help you win over visitors and turn them into subscribers. In addition, you may effortlessly make polished emails with their drag-and-drop editor.

10. Drip:

10 Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Businesses

When looking for the most satisfactory solution to turn site visitors into subscribers and customers through intelligent marketing automation, eCommerce store owners should choose Drip, one of the top email marketing software for small businesses. Much more is included than with similar services for sending out emails. By learning when and how your consumers make purchases, you can have more in-depth dialogues with them and send them more relevant communications.


The software allows you to send different messages to users based on their actions, such as those who abandoned a shopping basket, were first-time visitors, were frequent site visitors, clicked a link, etc. Based on your client workflow, you may use their extensive list of connectors to do everything from sending text messages to displaying Facebook advertising. For the time being, that is all there is! Hopefully, you have found this post helpful and exciting. Leave your thoughts in the feedback area. Sending us a message is something we’d appreciate.

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