Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Local Hero Review : Are you also looking for NEXT Level Results, In NO TIME without extra work, but only with some tremendous Extra Specialities. Well, of course, everyone is looking for that. Who doesn’t need the best results, everybody, right? 


In this honest Local Hero Review, I will introduce you to Local Hero and its functions and excellent advantages. It will help us save hours and instantly provide us 1,000X + More Clients & Automatically serve them all Without Extra Work, but Just Extra Features!

Yes, that’s correct! You read it right. Local Hero makes it easy to get the clients and beat the competition. Becoming a local hero pro member solves a massive problem in the market. Like no other marketer and unlock ALL of the potentials that LocalHero has to offer. And yes, with the SAME simplicity as in LocalHero standard. 

  • NOTHING changes,
  • NO extra work.
  • Just special characteristics.

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Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro
Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

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Table of Content
An Overview
What is Local Hero?
How does it work?
Live Demo
Features & Benefits
Pros & Cons
OTOs & Upgrades

Local Hero Review – An honest Overview

  • Product Name – Local Hero
  • Launch Date – 4th Aug. 2021
  • Launch Timing – 11:00 EDT
  • Pricing Front-End – $27 – $37
  • Official WebsiteClick Here
  • Money Back Gaurantee- 30 Days
  • Coupon – Direct Discount is available No Coupon Required
  • Category – Lead Generation
  • Training – Yes, Available
  • Support – Friendly support, early response
  • Bonuses – Techevoke Special Bonuses Available (Check Here)
  • Vendor Bonuses – Yes Exclusive Bonuses Available from the Vendor Side

What is Local Hero and says Local Hero Review?

Local Hero is a Cloud-Based Solution that helps marketers worldwide find and Identify “Unclaimed” or “Unoptimized” Google My Business Local Leads and businesses with no schema markup analysis.

This powerful tool is fully equipped with ARSENAL For Google Maps & Google My Business Optimization.

It’s significant for local businesses to get on that 3 Map Pack,

Local Hero can help you obtain these businesses and offer them this highly demanded service.

Local Hero Has everything, and the Subscribers Need To Grow A Huge Business While Delivering Real Targeted Traffic To Their Clients!

  • Google leads Prospect Clients through Google.
  • Find the best local business leads in any location from Google in seconds. Examine relevant data like address, email, website, star ratings, and far more.
  • In one click, see where your leads need marketing help the most. View data like if the information is using GMB claimed if it has schema markup.
  • Email verifier: Verify emails
  • Website analytics: Just paste in your lead’s URL and quickly generate a great looking“site-audit” report you can charge for or give away for free to your potential client. It includes any issues their site has, overall SEO health, and how competitors are beating them.
  • Schema markup tester : Get more insight about client’s websites by testing if they have a schema in their websites
  • Local tools :
  • Related: get related keywords.
  • Similar: get similar keywords
  • Competitors: get all your client’s competitors
  • Client management: Add any lead to your CRM tab and manage them from lead to long term client. Keep all the tracks of trustworthy opportunities you find, products you’re working on, and clients they relate to all in one easy-to-use place.
  •  Assume solemnly about operating a full-time profitable agency business. In that case, you need to keep accurate track of when projects are due, meetings with new leads, and more, which can all be done with the built-in calendar system.

Is Local Hero Really Unique, Suggestive, Needed?


  • Three pack rankings or stand ZERO rankings are Crucial for local businesses.
  • They are above standard search results, they are in the traffic’s face, and they are helpful “real estate” for local businesses.
  • Particularly now after covid, many local businesses are forced to go online. But they have no idea where to get started.
  • And to rank in this field, everything needs to be optimized utterly, GMB optimization, citations, SEO optimization, just to mention several.
  • These businesses will have NO IDEA how to do it themselves.
  • So they’ll appoint someone.
  • And with Local Hero, that someone is going to be you.
  • This is why we designed Local Hero, to protect them while getting you paid.
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Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

How does Local Hero work?

Local Hero Is Really Easy To Use. All It Takes Is… 

Step #1: Scan

Firstly, in this Local Hero, you need to Scan the web to get potential clients with local ranking optimization difficulties and simply get their complete details. LocalHero will locate the email addresses of local client leads and permit you to email them from right inside the app with your own custom-made templates.

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro
Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Step #2: FIX Things

Then, it will automatically create professional statements for the clients, suggests fixes if needed, and generates all the SEO-optimized content that is unavoidable for the clients, so that they can rank on page #1!

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Step #3: MANAGE

Local Hero helps to manage clients inside an entire agency dashboard, direct clients, generate records, status reports, and of course, check the updates and more, and get settled spontaneously!

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Local Hero Review Live Demo

Discount is available on the Launch, Sign Up Now!

Grab this Local Hero software at discounted one time price

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Features and benefits of Local Hero

We already had reviewed the precise definition and what charm it can do. And in this Local Hero review, we are not only going to know about meaning, but we will go in deep about this product. So, Keep reading to know more details, features, and benefits of Local Hero.

  • Find Limitless Local Leads from Google Maps!
  • Identify Un-Claimed GMB Profiles
  • Recognize Profiles with schema mark-up issues.
  • SEO reports
  • Local tools: find related keywords, find similar keywords, analyze competitors
  • CRM Dashboard Manage Opportunities and Projects
  • Built-in Mobile Optimization Analysis
  • Click Email Contacts with Custom Templates
  • Profit by selling GMB Optimization Services to Local Leads

In comprehensive summary…

  • You will get 1000x Your Earnings and, of course, Clients Directly by going from only 500 Clients To UNLIMITED! 
  • Local Hero discovers the neediest Clients With GMB Optimization, Citations & Other Local Ranking Difficulties, Closes The Deals & FIXES Them for them.
  • The Progress in CLIENTS, SALES & EASE OF SCALING IS INSTANT. That’s right, and it’s prompt. You do not need to do any manual work, and this isn’t something unusual or “CROSS-OFFER”. 
  • There is an instant upgrade to the characteristics, which you just unlock, and BOOM, all of the privileges and profit increase is immediate.
  • Just EXPLODE the number of Clients By Using Special Local Tools which will Deliver More Services & Automate Delivery In A Few Clicks!
  • SAVE HOURS and wasted effort by knowing 100% that your clients’ details are up to date and verified.
  • Scale Faster and Easier by unlocking full team access and Enabling you to join many more members (over 10x more) and sub-accounts to manage your business for you while keeping you in full control.

And, Without Local Hero, There Are 3 Main Problems Stopping You From Starting This Business.

Obstacle #1: Where do you get the businesses?

Obstacle #2: How do you communicate with them and close the deal?

Obstacle #3: How do you truly perform the SEO service?

These all need diverse experience, strategies, investments, trial and error, and plenty of time for the mediocre joe.

Well, Local Hero made it as easy as a few clicks, with a whole agency area to manage clients…

Discount is available on the Launch, Sign Up Now!

Grab Local Hero at discounted one time price

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Pros and cons of Local Hero

Local Hero is not only paid, but you can use it free also. You don’t NEED to buy this upgrade. It’s optional; if you want all the privileges it delivers you, excellent, go ahead! Check out the list below for PRO advantages.

HERE ARE THE INSANE benefits That Make The Magic Of The PRO Upgrade Happen:


  • Find, Contact & Close countless Clients VS Only 500 Now. Right now, you’ve purchased the local hero base plan, which means you can host up to 500 clients and manage them.
  • Why we have this optional upgrade of the pro, our server resources at that price DO NOT ALLOW more than 500 clients, getting you unlimited, so you never have to worry about scaling, running out of clients or running a very limited business. 
  • Upgraded Client Identity Verifier To Get Confirmed, Active Potential Leads Only
  • Right now, you have the email verifier, and we verify the email to make sure you are emailing the correct email of the client.

But how would you like to be able to verify all other details of contact? And how would you like to verify the email with a 100% guarantee rate because the system now searches ALL possible online resources to verify, and not just the basic ones? Well, this too, you get with the pro.

  • Upgraded Client Managing System (CRM)
  • Schema Verifier For Faster Rankings For Your Clients, 10X Your Potential Income Instantly, Can Be Used As An Upsell, A Cross-Sell, A Gift To Client Before Starting & More!
  •  Team License To Add Assistants, Family Members & Partners To Automate & Manage The Business FOR YOU!
  • Team access will allow customers to share access to the app with your team members via a token that you can generate with Local Hero.

This means you can now rest, do what you want, and let other people simply do it for you.

  • Family members, employees, partners, anyone you can think of can now also be a part of your business and login as a sub-user into your LocalHero Agency account, and you have full control over them.


  • We just need a commencement, and then we automatically start receiving clients. So, it’s not that useful. There are other ways to find clients too. 
  • There is a base plan and a pro plan. Local Hero base plan, which means you can host up to 500 clients and maintain them. But exclude some features. Then You need a pro plan, which is not very much needed.

Discount is available on the Launch, Sign Up Now!

Grab this Local Hero software at discounted one time price

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro

Local Hero OTOs/Upsells

OTO #1 – Local Hero PRO

Price – ($47)

Users can unlock more search results, find clients word-wide, and manage more clients. Also, team license and special login and even more

OTO #2: Local Hero

Price: ($97 – $197)

A DFY resellers setup to version 1.0 of LocalHero which includes coupon codes, selling material, and more.

OTO #3: Local Hero Maximum Clients

Price – ($47)

A gigantic collection of DFY Prospection emails, Agency Website, GMB training.


A great dealing software that generates unlimited local leads that’s why its name is a local hero and you must have to go for it. This is not only my recommendation but also all my colleges’ recommendations. That is going with this software is a great thing for you.

Discount is available on the Launch, Sign Up Now!

Grab this Local Hero software at discounted one time price

Local Hero Review (Real Review), Collect Local Leads like a Pro


If I don’t purchase PRO PLAN, will the basic features of Local Hero be enough for me to succeed?

Unquestionably! You don’t NEED to purchase this upgrade; it’s optional. If you want all the advantages it provides you, then YES, You should go forward!
Despite this, In the PRO plan, it’s is a tremendous set of advantages you don’t want to miss out on.

Will the price remain the same tomorrow?

No, absolutely not. The price increasing every day; what you see now is for a limited time only. This is not false inadequacy. Believe it.

Bonuses from Techevoke

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Bonus #2 Divi Builder

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Bonus #3 8000+ Facebook Business Group

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Bonus #4 Generate Free, Unlimited traffic with Videos

Ignite Special Bonuses

Bonus #5 Find Your Niche

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Bonus #HD Video Motion Backgrounds

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Bonus #9 WP Viral Traffic Ninja

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This is truly viral traffic generating beast!
Set it up once…

then watch your hit counter explode.

Bonus #10 Lead Filter WP Plugin

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A perfect plugin to get 100% filtered convertible leads

Bonus #11 Generate 3X more qualified leads from IG stories

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Bonus #12 Branding secrets to help you charge 3X for the same products and services

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Bonus #13: 5 Instagram Marketing Secrets That’ll Boost Your Conversions

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Bonus #14: ClickBank Marketing Secrets

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Bonus #15: Tiktok Marketing

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Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1: Local Business Traffic Blueprint

In order to generate traffic for your local business, you need to integrate your online and offline marketing campaigns such that they work congruently and they should complement each other. With this guide you will learn simple pointers for a better chance at success in generating traffic.

Some of the topics:

  • Why Do You need to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing? 
  • The Great Chasm between Online and Offline Marketing 
  • The 4 C’s
  • Ensure that the Campaign has flourished on Social Media 
  • The various Online and Offline Marketing Tools that can be used to Generate Traffic 
  • Offline Advertising of the Website
  • Public Relations 
  • Sponsorship
  • Physical Reminders and Direct Mails
  • And much more!

Bonus #2: Local Internet Marketing Empire

Learn how to earn thousands each month doing basic online marketing for small local businesses in your hometown!

If you wish to make money online, you have many options that you can do. But the thing is that the competition is indeed huge and you might end up being overwhelmed.

That’s why focusing your market on a specific market that you can relate to and build trust with is a good start.

Inside this product is an audio podcast that will share with you an important idea on how you can make money on the internet by doing simple internet marketing strategies for local business owners in your nearby areas.

Bonus #3: Local Client Magnet 

  • How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Customer Base, Trust And Presence In Your Market good info for online marketing too!
  • Traffic is the life-blood to any online business owners and bloggers. That’s these internet entrepreneurs are invested their time, money and efforts just to have those traffic that converts.
  • The thing is that, people nowadays give more time watching videos and that video hub on the internet is YouTube – considered to be the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.
  • Because of this, marketers are maximizing the power of YouTube Marketing for the benefit of their business.
  • Inside this product you are about to get the following media; 16 Videos, 59 Minutes, Clickable Mind Map, Sales Graphics Templates, Content Based Emails & Articles.

Bonus #4: Offline Authority Content 

How to elevate your local consultant status in the next 26 minutes!

Get more paying clients! Covers: Foursquare, Facebook Business Page, Google Plus Local, Mobile Optimization, Mobile Text and SMS Marketing, Pinterest, and Video Marketing.

Online marketing is growing in popularity among local business owners who are looking for a fast, effective, and inexpensive way to advertise. For many, social media sites are the perfect place to meet new contacts, build up working relationships, and market themselves and their company.

Inside this product, you will know What your local business needs to know about:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • MobileApps
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • SEO

Bonus #5: SEO for Businesses Simplified

  • Would you like to discover how you can get High-Quality Traffic and Boost Your Sales with Advanced SEO Techniques to become the ultimate success story?
  • As an internet marketer, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to rank high in search engine rankings to facilitate growth. If you fail to do so, your efforts will not be result-oriented.
  • Let’s be honest, did you achieve what you were looking out for. Most probably, your answer might be NO. In today’s highly competitive scenario, success cannot be achieved by merely dreaming and not taking action.
  • To surpass your competitors, you need a point-to-point guidance that walks you through the entire process of using SEO to get a better ranking and traffic to your website.
  • Today, SEO is a proven technique by which you can create a distinct name for yourself and become a success story that others will envy.

Must send the screenshot of your purchase after buying the Local Hero Software to our official mail IDs [email protected] or [email protected].

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