11 online business ideas in 2021

A guide to finding out 11 online business ideas that will help you to enter into the online world. You can make a decent income with these methods, if and only you will go deeper into that method and get experience.

Before announcing the business ideas, I want to explain to you, how businesses survived and how they leverage in real life.

  • Startup capital has played a major role in business. There is much more business that can start with small capital.
  • Some businesses are only consulting other businesses and make a pillar by having various branches in each metro city.
  • Web development is also a trend that is going to become the biggest industry in the online business industry.
  • Entrepreneurs have faced a lot of problems in their life and build a business, we can’t even imagine how they survived in the initial stage.
online business Ideas
online business Ideas

Apart from these struggles, there are many more and if you want to build a business either online or offline, you have to face some of these problems.

But starting an online business is not as difficult as other businesses, you must have to make faith in yourself and you will get success in your real life.

Before getting started I want you to commit, I {your_name} am committed to pic one of the online business ideas from the list and go deeper into that to explore to learn to experience.

And test that business on a small level, and if that business will show potential to you then start it with efficiency. In this 11 Online Business Ideas, I have covered a full in-depth guide about the businesses, how you can get experience in that industry and how you can stand a business.

I, Govind Rana is a digital marketer, trainer, and consultant. I have more than 5 years of experience in this field and I have owned an affiliate marketing & digital marketing agency business. With this much authority, I am delivering you this guide.

11 Business Ideas that can make you a millionaire

Finding the right business is not easy, so techevoke.com has extracted 11 online business ideas for you and every individual marketer.

  1. SEO Service Provider
  2. Online Marketing Consultant
  3. Blogging
  4. WordPress Designing
  5. Social Media Management
  6. E-Commerce Retailer
  7. Dropshipping Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Online Tuition/Tutor
  10. Youtuber
  11. Digital Course Selling

SEO Service Provider

seo service provider
seo service provider

SEO stands for search engine optimization and today 80% of businesses have their online presence and only 5% of them are getting benefits from search results. It is not because of competition, it is just because they need a technical person to solve this problem.

Getting experience in SEO is so easy, you can go for a digital marketing course or go with some youtube experts’ videos and do practice by launching your website. Now get results for you and start capturing clients.

Once you will get some clients, you can open an office and hire some good SEO executives, or in the initial stage, you can hire interns at low costing.

Online Marketing Consultant

online marketing consultant
online marketing consultant

I am working in the online industry for 5 years and I have handled more than 100 clients. And I have found an amazing thing even in my first job as a digital marketing executive, that 70% of the business owners don’t have enough technical knowledge.

And they need consulting services for their business because they can only leverage their business and by doing online marketing a business has to start a lot of things, has to change many more business tactics.

What you have to do is? Get experience in online marketing, you can start your career as a digital marketer and start consulting business owners on a small level. Then you can the online business consultancy as a full flash business.

(Note: it takes more time than a usual business if you are a newbie. And if you are already into this industry and have some experience and you can go for this online business.)


11 online business ideas in 2021

An evergreen niche to establish a business, before discussing this online business idea I want to tell you something.

More than 80% of news agencies do blogging of their news online and earn many more dollars. They have the advantage of their TRP and publicity so they use it on their blogging.

But a hobby that can become a business is only possible in blogging. It doesn’t require any skills only you have to read think and write.

There are some basic requirements to make a blog popular and make it a business. Be consistent and hire some writers for writing continuous blogs then you can make a decent income with this business.

WordPress Designing and website development

wordpress website designing
wordpress website designing

An essential part of every business. Why I have mentioned this term named “WordPress designing”? Because this is the easiest skill you can experience.

For the last 5 years, businesses should have an online website, it will help them grow their business, validate their business, make business authority.

In developing countries, there is a huge opportunity to develop websites for every business. You can start with WordPress designing and get experience in all types of website designing. You don’t have to become a full-stack developer.

You can make any type of website with WordPress and after getting some clients, you can start a website development agency as a full-time business.

Hire some intern coders and WordPress developers, provide service to the client, advertise your services and leverage your business.

Social Media Management

social media management
social media management

In my case, it is entertainment with work and with business. Have you ever imagine from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, linkedIn, quora, Twitter, you can make money by working for businesses. If you haven’t imagined it, believe in it now.

A social media management company can earn a min of $1 billion in revenue a year. And it is not a typical task.

If you are good at imagination, if you are good at increasing Facebook page likes, increase post engagement, increasing Instagram likes then you can start your social media management business easily.

Make contacts with clients and start your own business, grow their social media handles, and generate revenue from this business.

E-Commerce Retailer

ecommerce retailers
ecommerce retailers

With this term, I am not talking about Amazon, Ali Baba, eBay, which are giants in the eCommerce industry and this Online Business idea is not as it is.

Thousands of small eCommerce businesses are generating billions of revenue every year. And who is stopping you to take a part in it?

You can start it with 1 single niche like you can start with fashion ecom, electronics, kids were grocery or anything. And once you capture some part of this particular market, you can add some more categories to your ecom businesses.

It will take more money than other online businesses but it will give you more profit in long run.

Dropshipping Marketing

dropshipping marketing
dropshipping marketing

A business that is similar to eCommerce but you don’t have to buy and maintain any inventory for this. You just have to register with some dropshipping platforms and build your online store to sell the goods.

It is easier and you don’t have to invest in maintaining inventory and this is the hardest investment for any ecom business.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

The biggest earning platform and my favorite online business idea. I am also in this industry and work for more than 1 year and I have got millions of dollars from affiliate business.

In this business, you have to sell some third-party company product and you will get commission on behalf of the sale you generate for them.

Such an easy business in the world and anybody can do it without having any technical knowledge, only he/she should able to work on the internet.

You can start it from zero, make some money work with a team, and leverage and get more and more profit.

Online Tuition/Tutor

online tutor
online tutor

 As I am writing this 11 online business ideas guide in 2021, I and you know very well this is the time of Covid 19, and 40% of the education industry is now shifted online.

If you are a tutor or a teacher who teaches in any of the sectors then you have to launch your online tuition anyhow. If you don’t know how to launch your online platform then you can contact me.

No matter you are from Australia, Germany, Spain, USA, contact me anytime. I will quote you the best price for the online class portal.



Have you heard about “5-Minute Crafts”, “Vlad and Niki”, “Amit Bhadana”, BB Ki Vines, and more youtube channels?

These are the giants on youtube and some of them reached there because they started their youtube channel with their willpower.

In starting period you and everybody starts their youtube channel solely then after it gets monetized, most of you are hiring some potential employees.

With that team you can earn a lot with your youtube channel, most of the youtube channels are run by their companies and in terms of workload and income, they have to start a company for their youtube channel.

Digital Course Selling

digital course selling
digital course selling

I am damn sure you will be good in anything, either in teaching school students, college students, etc. Or you are working as a freelancer, social media manager, or consulting businesses.

You can launch your online course for selling. You can sell anywhere in the world and if you have good command in 2 to 3 languages you can do a big business in this industry.

Also, you will be your boss, only you have to set up your studio, set up an online class delivery platform whether it is a live class or recorded.

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