PrimeMeet Review

Looking for an all-in-one live video conferencing turnkey system?

Now you can host endless video conferences, meetings, live video chats, live classes, online pieces of training, podcasts, webinars, and more, along with real-time file sharing. All in all, it is inserted with compelling features that make the virtual conferencing event a smooth experience.

PrimeMeet Review is all about excellent software that gets you a big hefty cheque of shares in your bank account without any traffic, product, or work.

Do you Aspire to know how?

This PrimeMeet review introduces a vibrant and unimaginable web conferencing software that proposes real-time communication with video & audio communication, file sharing, screen sharing, podcasts, whiteboard, and live P2P & group chat messaging. 

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primemeet review
primemeet review

Just keep reading the PrimeMeet review to get more details. 

PrimeMeet Review – An honest Overview

  • Creator – Tom Yevsikov
  • Product Name – Prime Meet
  • Launch Date – 2021-Sep-05
  • Launch Timing – 11:00 EDT
  • Pricing Front-End – $37
  • Official WebsiteClick Here 📌
  • Money Back Gaurantee- 30 Days
  • Coupon – Direct Discount is available
  • Category – Video Conferencing
  • Training – Yes, Available
  • Support – Friendly support, early response
  • Bonuses – Techevoke Special Bonuses Available (Check Here)

What is PrimeMeet?

Primemeet is an all-in-one platform that enables you to host limitless webinars, meetings, live chats & training sessions/classes on ultra-fast servers for life – at an unstoppable one-time price.

It is planted with valuable traits to get you supreme profits while building business relationships virtually.

Primemeet is a terminal solution to connect & collude for live video chat, meeting, conference, live class, online training, webinar, podcast, p2p chat messaging, group chat, screen sharing, real-time file sharing, and many other engaging campaigns to boost your business marketing strategies.

It is a cloud-based video conferencing platform created to support businesses conduct virtual meetings and can easily compete with prevailing software like zoom, goto webinar, and skype.

To make sure your meeting rooms are planned for hybrid working remote and in-office, you got to have PrimeMeet.

PrimeMeet Review

Primemeet is a preeminent video conferencing software that grants users to share their screens, remotely access one another’s desktops, chat via text, exchange files, communicate via digital whiteboards, and even broadcast conferences to large groups of passive onlookers like webinars.

Now you can host a pleasurable virtual summit with global professionals and please your audience while building a fortune very smoothly.

Primemeet is a step ahead to work remotely & stay united over one of the biggest online video conferencing. From small to large, PrimeMeet suffices all business sizes, one’s large meetings, business meetings, seminars, online training programs, podcasts, webinar software just with a single click to join, and live interactive chats. Primemeet is a completely automatic webinar software for all your video conferencing requirements.

PrimeMeet Live Demo

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PrimeMeet Review

How does it work?

I have shared the easy working steps in this PrimeMeet Revie and you need to follow them to make your work easy.

Step #1: Get the Software and Login to the dashboard

First, get the software from its front end and you will get the login credentials. With these details go to the login page of PrimeMeet and log in to the dashboard.

PrimeMeet Review

Step #2: Add New Meeting

Now Add the New meeting here by clicking on the Meetings tab. Fill out all the essential things here.

PrimeMeet Review

Step #3: Start Meeting and set much of things

Here just you have to set your meeting interface, what type of video quality you want, what audio source you want to choose.

PrimeMeet Review

Step #4: Now perform

You can interact with the attendees with many more options that are available on the PrimeMeet software. Eg: Drow board, text writing, attaching images & more.

PrimeMeet Review

Step #5: Get Meeting history with leads

Now explore your meeting history with the attendee’s contact list.

PrimeMeet Review

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PrimeMeet Review

Just fastened up – move and gain!

After deep evaluation and meticulous research of experiences of people’s in-person meetings, specialists have prepared it to present simple navigation, user-friendly ui with extremely flexible checkbox-based rulesets for the users to pick the required functions. Thus, it is the one-stop solution for all your virtual web conferencing requirements.

It is not a cakewalk deal. With this software, you can use the tremendous free traffic that has made zoom and other guys rich.

Use PrimeMeet for –

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Webinars
  • Educational institutions
  • Conference calls and team meetings
  • Podcasts streaming
  • Live seminars

The platform comes out of the box with primary support for all the tools & characteristics needed to generate a sturdy and cost-effective online web-conference platform without bothering about expandability, performance, and protection stance.

A stalwart video & virtual events conferencing platform!

  • It is the SAAS App – a video conferencing platform designed to help businesses conduct virtual meetings from multiple devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • It is a virtual event built-in assurance platform with a single click-fast interface to start your without any friction personalize virtual meetings with live intercommunication tools. It also allows online file sharing and transfer.
  • It is created using reliable and scalable WebRTC technology, an open-source framework to allow real-time audio, video, and data in Web and native apps.
  • The solution proposes team collaboration tools, including audio and video conferencing, podcasts, screen sharing, integrated messaging, and more.
  • All in all, it is packed with sturdy specialties that make the virtual conferencing event an impeccable experience.

PrimeMeet Review: Features and Benefits

PrimeMeet Comes Packed with cutting-edge features – The best in class. Keep reading the PrimeMeet review. 

Highlights – 

  • Multiple meeting types to choose from.
  • Live interaction tools are available.
  • Ready to Host Unlimited Video Meetings, Live Conferences, Or Webinars
  • Best-in-class virtual environment to draw in participants.
  • No monthly fees – one-time low fee.
  • Powerful reports and analytical tools to boost your results
  • 100% Cloud-based
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Built using secure and scalable WebRTC technology
  • Completely user-friendly, and no prior experience is needed.
  • Multiple Meeting Types
  • Contacts & Segments for Invitation
  • Live Chat / Real-Time Messaging
  • Multiple Authentication Option
  • User Profile, Avatar, Change Password, Online/Offline Status
  • Multilingual and Locale Management
  • UI and Push Notifications
  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings/Webinar
  • Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing Options
  • Real-Time File Sharing
  • Social Login, Two-Factor Authentication
  • Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System
  • Auto & Manual Screen Locking

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PrimeMeet Review

In-depth features 

  • Cloud-based, mobile responsive system This persuasive software is 100% hosted on reliable cloud servers. It can be reached from anywhere, including mobile devices. Compete with effectual software like Zoom, GoToWebinar, and skype.
  • Multiple Meeting Types You can choose to conduct any meeting. We have various options like Video conferences, Webinars, Live Classes, audio conferences, podcasts, etc. It encourages creating and setting up meetings with only one click.
  • Intuitive Whiteboard PrimeMeet offers you an instinctive whiteboard to record and edit all the texts you want to in a wonderfully designed presentation interface.
  • Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing Options It becomes effortless for you to accompany any meeting with a client or a team member with multiple choices. You can escort both audio and video meetings along with the choice to share your screen online during the meeting. It can help make the meetings more productive if you require to share a file on screen.
  • Live Chat / Real-Time Messaging Countless list imports can be made inside the tool. It is combined with peculiarities that automatically add subscribers as and when they sign in.
  • Contacts & Segments for Invitation The extremely cool highlight of PrimeMeet is supporting segmenting your contacts. You can add your new segments, name them, add a description, and keep computing as many as you want.
  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings /Webinar PrimeMeet enables you to conduct immediate meetings with a manageable click. Not only this, but it is also more straightforward to schedule meetings in the easy-to-use dashboard. There are various options you can operate during the meeting and change the background layout as you wish. It also entitles you to set up the meeting time, determined duration, description for participants, etc.
  • Reports & Analytics You can transfer your emails and trace them with all reports and statistics that are obtainable inside the software to support you examine the clicks, open and maximize your conversions. If you want to share a file on screen, choose that option and browse a file from any device.
  • Multiple Authentication Option PrimeMeet has two-factor authentication making it more uncomplicated for organizations to defend their users and limit security infringements.
  • Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System Effortlessly allocates tasks to different organization team members with Role-based access control (RBAC) in PrimeMeet.
  • Multi-lingual & Locale Management Participants can join meetings and live conferences using prompt language switching from smartphones, tablets, or computers. Speakers, attendees, and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world ahead as the solution accommodates on-site and off-site interpreters. PrimeMeet has real language translation.
  • Auto & Manual Screen Locking Screen can be locked both manually and automatically. One can set up any choice that seems most suitable for their requirements.
  • UI and Push Notifications With the push notification characteristic, the software alerts with necessary reminders and supports enhancing conversions and meeting necessary deadlines.

PrimeMeet Review: PROS AND CONS


  • Network – however you want and enables your attendees to make relationships in various ways.
  • Host various interactive meetings – Host extremely engaging webinars and meetings that grasp your audience’s attention.
  • Propose a Spectacular Virtual Environment – leading virtual environment to draw in members.
  • Get real-time analytics – Get to know your audience with real-time data on attendee movement such as logins, chats, webinar views, and downloads.
  • Global Reach – Reach your audience in all intersections of the world.
  • Decreased Costs – Reduce the cost of travel, food, accommodation, and transportation
  • Help to Grow and improve Audience – Rendezvous With various live tools and characteristics built in the platform, it is simple to build a pleasant experience and easily delight your audience.


  • No Cons I was Able To Find

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PrimeMeet Review

OTOs & Upgrades

PrimeMeet Front End

Price – $37

PrimeMeet Review
  • Live Video Chat, Meeting, Conference, Live Class, Online Training, Webinar,
  • P2P Chat Messaging, Group Chat, Screen Sharing, Real-Time File Sharing
  • Scheduled & Instant Meetings/Webinar
  • Contacts & Segments for Invitation
  • Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing Options
  • Live Chat / Real-Time Messaging
  • Real-Time File Sharing
  • Multiple Authentication Option
  • Only 250 Participant
  • Unlimited Meetings Webinar

OTO #1: – PRO

Price – $47

  • Multiple Level of Meeting/Webinar Configurations (Unlimited)
  • Premium Support
  • Audio Podcast option
  • Video Audio Indicator with Flip Timer
  • Unlimited Attendees

OTO #2: Enterprise

Price – $97

  • Commercial License
  • Mobile-Friendly Streams
  • Whiteboard & Streaming
  • Private Off-Server Cloud server

OTO #3: VoiceMaker

Price – $47

  • Convert your webinar script into Natural Podcast Voice
  • Allows you to turn any text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents
  • Over 70+ Languages
  • Over 630+ Different Voices and Accents
  • Store & redistribute speech
  • Near Real-time text synthesize
  • Customize & control speech output
  • Optimize Your Streaming Audio
  • Adjust Speaking Styles (For Neural Voices)
  • Adjust Speech Rate, Pitch, and Loudness
  • Adjust Speaking Emphasis
  • Pronounce digits/dates/words/ abbreviations properly
  • Add work/phrase replacement effect
  • Mute/Beep Out any part of text/sentence

OTO #4: Audio Video Hosting

Price – $67

  • Unlimited Video/audio Hosting
  • Host your video courses Webinar courses
  • Video Player (VSL Player)
  • Share Password Protected files (Video/audio/zip files)

OTO #5: Page Builder

Price – $37

1000+ DFY website Templates
Live Editing
Connect your own domain to publish your sites
No hosting required
Export your site to upload your own hosting
Advanced Drag & Drop – Easily move elements in the builder by dragging and dropping them where you want them to appear.

OTO #6: Reseller

Price – $197

It’s so easy to use, the software can be used by anyone!
So go ahead, promote it to more than just people in the IM Niche!


In this honest PrimeMeet Review, I have shared several points to assist you in many ways. It allows you to get all the appropriate data to boost you to choose more specifically about the product.  

It is time to move over from Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, or any other software you are using. Whichever it is, your struggle is genuine, and to overcome it, we have done all the hard work for you… a genuine solution that will make you capitalize on this free traffic stream. Jump on the profit-making bandwagon with PrimeMeet.

It has all the modern features and powerful technology that any video conferencing software should possess to excel in modern times. But, in addition, offers a big bucket of new capabilities that older systems never had, far more than just face-to-face interactions.

I hope you got all the required information in this PrimeMeet Review. Genuinely, it is an investment to the latest benefits and returns. So, think completely and pull your thoughts together. Then, take time to go over your decision. Remember, it’s an opportunity to achieve something extraordinary. So, Hurry up! Just go for it.

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